From the Classroom to the Catwalk
Summer Project: 2003

Following on the success of previous workshops, there will be a one-week summer school from 30th June to 4th July 2003 for students from schools in the London borough of Greenwich.

The workshops are run in association with Greenwich Excellence Challenge and aim to introduce fashion to young people aged 14 to 19 and adult learners. Participants will be taken through the different stages of the design process while learning practical skills, enabling them to build up their portfolios. The workshops will take place at the London College of Fashion and transport will be provided for participating students.

The workshops will cover the process of fashion design from the very outset through to completion. Students will be taken through the design process including researching the designer's inspiration, building storyboards, developing moodboards, making textiles, constructing a bag from a pattern, working in 3D and creating a catwalk piece to show at the final day catwalk. Other skills covered by the course will include photography or video. Students will also be taken on a visit to the Fashion & Textile Museum in Bermondsey. At the end of the course students will have built a complete portfolio reflecting the design process and will get guidance on how to transfer these skills to application for entry into fashion colleges.

These workshops are ideal for students aged 14-19. Art, Design and Textile teachers at local schools and colleges will benefit from sending their students. After previous workshops, several teachers have commented how the students who have participated in the workshops are noticeably more advanced than their peers thanks to the motivation and skills gained through the project.

The Fashion Future workshops are also ideal for adults from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures seeking to find out more about the structure of fashion colleges and fashion processes in the UK.

This project is funded by Greenwich Excellence Challenge.