FAD x Fashion Scout September 2020
Black Lives Matter: Message to the Fashion Industry
Submit your work for the chance to be selected for our London Fashion Week virtual exhibition, launching on the Fashion Scout schedule in September 2020.

This London Fashion Week, we’ll be sending a message to the fashion industry about what a better future looks like.  We need your voice.

Make creative work which communicates your experience, perspective and vision.   You can focus on the Black Lives Matter movement, or expand to look at its intersections with wider issues of equality, justice, sustainability and ethical practice.  Your work could be:

  • A celebration
  • An affirmation
  • A recognition
  • A protest
  • A cry
  • A statement
  • A proposal
  • A mobilisation
  • A new way forward

Explore perspectives, aesthetics, issues, communities, histories, futures or solutions which are important to you.

Your outcomes can be:

Fashion Design | Textile Design | Graphic Design | Product Design | Photography | Styling | Art Direction | Fine Art | Mixed Media | Film | Poetry or Spoken Word

or any combination of these.  We welcome collaborations and group submissions.

You can answer the brief in any way you choose, but if you would like more direction, you can click here for a more detailed suggestion of how to get started.

The deadline is 11.59pm, Thursday 3rd September.  Please read the guidelines below:


  1. The brief is open to UK-based people of all backgrounds, age 16-30

2. We welcome collaborations and group entries – please credit all contributors

3. Please register your interest to take part by emailing joanne@fad.org.uk

4. Submissions should be sent by WeTransfer to joanne@fad.org.uk by 11.59pm, Thursday 3rd September.

5. Submissions should include:

  • Your name(s) and contact details: email address, phone number, Instagram handle
  • Your date of birth and location
  • (optional) Up to 6 research or work-in-progress pieces
  • Up to 10 final pieces
  • A short video, showing or telling us about you and a summary of your message to the fashion industry. Alternatively, you can submit a text of up to 300 words including your story and a summary of your message, and a profile picture.

6. Please only submit pieces in the following formats:

  • Images: jpeg, less than 2MB
  • Videos: less than 1 minute, less than 20 MB

All items submitted should be the same size and dimensions.

7. Your submission should be your own, original work. Please ensure that you acknowledge any references you submit, and credit all contributors.

8. By submitting your work, you grant FAD and Fashion Scout the right to use it on our social media, website and other promotional media, and to share it with other media outlets to promote this project and other FAD and Fashion Scout projects. We may edit your images including re-sizing, cropping, enhancing and reducing resolution.  We will credit you according to the information you provide.

9. We respect and value all submissions, but we regret that we will not be able to showcase every entry.  Submissions will be selected by a panel including representatives from Fashion Scout and FAD.

10. Material which is explicit, discriminatory, or incites violence or hatred is not permitted and will be disqualified.

Illustration: Damilola Ajani

Get fired up with our Black Lives Matter playlist: