From urban cross stitch and graphic appliqués, to sculptural dresses and soft tailoring the contemporary Arts & Crafts theme was evident at this year’s FAD Summer School.

Held at Central Saint Martins (CSM) from 13th – 17th July, the 23 young finalists had a team of CSM tutors, technicians and student mentors on hand to guide them though five days of hectic sewing and construction.

Sighting musical muses such as Michael Jackson, Pharrell Williams, Lily Allen and Solange, the talented teenagers brought together traditional influences from the V&A with their own edgy commentary to create a unique collection for the 2009 FAD Junior Awards.

A jury including industry experts from River Island, WGSN.com, John Lewis dropped by on the final day to meet the students, and deliberate over their finished designs.

All will be revealed next month, when the winners are announced at the 2009 FAD Junior Awards & catwalk show, taking place for the second year at Vauxhall Fashion Scout as part of their London Fashion Week schedule.

Scroll down to see the finalists in action and read what they thought of the experiance.



“This week’s been really good. I love it. I did Fashion Futures 1 in Year 10, and when I heard we could do the second one I really wanted to do it. It’s so great to get experience in the fashion industry, and especially for me coming from Salford where there is not a lot of ways into fashion, coming to London has been really, really good.” – Kathleen Taafe, Pendleton College, Salford

“I’m doing more things in my free time – printing and more fashion courses. It’s made me more into what I enjoy and convinced me to get more experience. I’m out there doing my best giving up my weekends to sort myself out” - Sara Sodnomjamts, Hampstead School

“We’ve done a bit of everything on this course. Met loads of people, who have talked to us about different areas. So even though we might not know loads about one thing, we have got to know a little bit about everything. It’s given me a really good insight.” – Sophie Ede, The Charter Sixth Form College




“Personally the project has made me a stronger person. Yesterday I felt like crying but I held back and just got on with it and that made me a lot more determined to achieve the finished result. To finish my garment.” – Kesoon Chance, BSix

“I think FAD is good, because this is the first course I have done where I don’t feel like a school child. On other courses, they can treat you like school children rather then individuals. With FAD it’s different. You can see yourself here, and know you are doing something properly and professionally.” – Nina Ehni, Pimlico Academy

“The project has helped me with things other then textiles, like punctuality for example. It really gets you on point with things like that.” - Prash Murale Etharan, St Angela's & St Bonaventures Sixth Form




“When I was at secondary school there was always extra stuff to do and I used to think I can’t be bothered. I’m not going to do it. But when my friend put my name down for this, and I realised it was fashion I decided to do it. Then when I started coming to the workshops I thought wow, this is really good. So FAD has really helped me a lot and changed my view. It’s also really helped me to skill build, socialise and gain confidence. The experience has been really, really good.” – Luke Harris, Crossways Academy

“I was really bad at sewing, so I have definitely got better at that. Understanding patterns, just going for it and not being scared of cutting something up because it might ruin it. Just doing it and seeing what happens.” – Lily Harriman, Camden School for Girls

“Being part of this has affected me. It’s definitely given me more confidence. I never thought I would ever be able to make a whole outfit, but I have. I know now if I put my mind to it, I can come out with really good things.” – Lee-Ann Willoughby, St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College