FAD are happy to introduce the talented finalists who will be taking part in this year's FAD Summer School and the 2009 FAD Junior Awards:

Prash Murale Etharan - St Angela's & St. Bonaventure's, Newham
Prash Murale Etharan

Lee-Ann Willoughby - St. Francis Xavier 6th Form, Wandsworth
Lee-Ann Willoughby

Sara Sodnomjants - Hampstead School, Camden
Sara Sodnomjants

Joel Boyd - Lewisham College, Lewisham
Joel Boyd

Jenny Lam - Lewisham College, Lewisham
Jenny Lam

Egle Zepkinaite - City & Islington College, Islington
Egle Zepkinaite

Sophie Ede - The Charter 6th Form College, Southwark
Sophie Ede

Katharine Ross - City & Islington College, Islington
Katharine Ross

Aminata Kulufua - BSix College, Hackney
Aminata Kulufua

Nina Ehni - Pimlico Academy, Westminster
Nina Ehni

Lizzie Prince - Pendleton College, Salford
Lizzie Prince

Kathleen Taafe - Pendleton College, Salford
Kathleen Taafe

Sumayya Julium - Skinner's Company for Girls, Hackney
Sumayya Julium

Luke Harris - Crossways Academy, Lewisham
Luke Harris

Jacqueline Boakye - St Francis Xavier 6th Form, Wandsworth
Jacqueline Boakye

Ruth Sullivan - Pendleton College, Salford
Ruth Sullivan

Lily Harriman - Camden School for Girls, Camden
Lily Harriman

Katerina Drury - Prendergast Hilly Fields College, Lewisham
Katerina Drury

Danielle Tunstall - Prendergast Hilly Fields College, Lewisham
Danielle Tunstall

Miriam Mwangi - NewVic 6th Form College, Newham
Miriam Mwangi

Thoffa Khanom - Newham College, Newham
Thoffa Khanom

Simone Hinds - Clapton Girl's Technology College, Hackney
Simone Hinds